Iraqi troops making gains against Islamic State (ISIS) in Mosul

Around 800,000 residents are still in this IS-held part of the city

Mosul Operation Command announced the liberation of a number of villages around the western coast of Mosul on Sunday, the first day of the west Mosul offensive.

The Iraqi troops have managed on the first day of west Mosul operation to recapture a number of villages including al-Kafour, al-Jamasa, al-Bujwari, and the al-Aqrab checkpoint, south-west of the city.

Meanwhile, the Iraqi federal police, participating in the battle, also regained control of Azba and al-lazakah villages in south of Mosul, according to Rasheed Yarallah, the commander of Mosul operations.

The federal police forces have also taken control of lazakah power plant.

The Iraqi army and the federal police, supported by global coalition air force, launched early on Sunday an operation to liberate the western half of Mosul from the Islamic State (IS).

Western part of Mosul consists of over 35 neighbourhoods which make up 40% of the city. Around 800,000 residents are still in this IS-held part of the city.

Iraqi army, federal police and Hashd al-Shaabi militia are participating in the offensive of west Mosul.

Source BasNews
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