Turkish court releases 2 of 4 ISIS suspects caught with 150 kg of explosives

A court in Turkey’s southern Gaziantep province released two of four Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) suspects who were caught with 150 kilograms of explosives on Thursday.

As part of a massive terror raid by Gaziantep Police Department on Thursday, 150 kilograms of explosives, suicide attack belts, remote control detonators and several guns were seized in a police raid to an apartment in Gaziantep.

Police detained four people whom authorities believe were planning to carry out a major terror attack.

Following their questioning in Gaziantep Police Department, a penal court of peace in Gaziantep released two suspects pending trial and arrested two others over charges of “membership to terrorist organization.”

According to a statement by Gaziantep Governor’s Office on Thursday, the suspects were taking orders from some senior ISIL members operating in conflict zones in Syria.


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