Luke Perry, star of Beverly Hills 90210 series, lost his life at age of 52

Luke Perry the star of Beverly Hills, 90210 series lost his life on Monday at Los Angeles at the age of 52. His family officially announced the death. Mr. Perry was hospitalised last week to treat a severe stroke.

Luke Perry was one of the major contributing actors in the renowned drama Beverly Hills 90210, one of the most renowned 1990s series. On Beverly Hills, Mr. Perry embodied the role of Dylan McKay an affluent teenager who had problems with alcoholism. The show’s success is partially attributed to the spectacular performance delivered by its actors, with Luke Perry taking a leading position. The Fox drama series focused on the life of affluent teenagers who were confronted with a series of social and personal problems like teenage relations, school-based racism and bullish behaviours, the fear of unwanted pregnancy, crazy parties and family feuds.


Mr. Perry played consistently for six seasons, then abandoned the cast during Seasons 7 and 8, and finally returned for the last two Seasons 9 and 10. The series was effectively concluded in 2000, having delivered more than 300 episodes and leading to the creation of several spinoff series such as the Melrose Place and a 2008 version of the original 90210 series. A recent reboot was also on plans with members of the original cast but upon Mr. Perry’s death it is unknown whether the particular project will continue.

The unforeseen success of the Beverly Hills 90210 series helped Luke Perry features in a series of films, entailing among others The Fifth Element (1997) and Redemption Road (2010). The actor also participated in several other series including among others the prison drama Oz, the crime drama Body of Proof and the most recent teen drama Riverdale, which was halted upon Luke Perry’s death. Riverdale directors issued a statement claiming on Luke Perry

‘A father figure and mentor to the show’s young cast, Luke was incredibly generous, and he infused the set with love and kindness.’

Luke Perry was born on 11 October 1966 in Mansfield, Ohio. He underwent a rough childhood with his parents divorced and forced to move to Fredericktown, Ohio with his mother. Upon high school graduation, Mr. Perry lived for some time both in Los Angeles and New York. He was married with Minnie Rachel Sharp in 1993 but divorced some years later. He has two children, Jack and Sophie.

The Greek Observer Editorial Team sends its deepest condolences to Luke Perry’s family and friends.

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