FYROM parliament expected to vote on Prespes Agreement tonight, January 11

The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) parliament resumed its plenary session on Friday, after the government confirmed that it had secured a two-thirds majority to pass the constitutional changes required for the Prespes Agreement.

In an earlier announcement, the government said it had secured the approval of at least 80 deputies of a total of 120, including two deputies of the opposition Albanian party “Besa”.

The government said it had resolved the objections of Besa over the determination of nationality, which will be “Macedonian/Citizens of the Democracy of North Macedonia,” and it clarified for the party how nationality would be translated into the Albanian language for citizens of ethnic Albanian descent.

Voting on the four constitutional amendments and the accompanying implementing law is expected to be completed tonight Friday, January. 11.

The Prespes Agreement, resolving a long-standing name issue between Greece and FYROM, requires ratification by the FYROM and Greek parliaments before it comes into effect.

Source ANA-MPA
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