Matthew Nimetz seeks to restart Greece-FYROM talks

United Nations’ special envoy Matthew Nimetz says he is “encouraged” by the stance of the (FYROM) new government toward the “name dispute” with Greece and that the name issue is back in the spotlight.

After a round of meetings in Skopje with Prime Minister Zoran Zaev and Foreign Minister Nikola Dimitrov on Monday, Matthew Nimetz said that he detected a “positive atmosphere” adding that “we have a new government here and a new context in the region,”.

However, Nimetz, said more work is needed and called on both sides to “think very seriously about their positions and listen carefully to the other side.”

Nimetz, who last visited FYROM in 2014, said “ we should look at ways to intensify talks [..]. I think we need a time when the two sides can talk to each other,” pointing out as important that the first official international visit of FYROM’s new Foreign Minister was in Athens and that the Greek Foreign Minister plans to visit FYROM in the near future.

Foreign Minister Nikola Dimitrov, during the meeting with United Nations’ special envoy, noted that “the new reform government is entering into talks with our southern neighbour openly and without prejudices and hidden agendas.”

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