Google will no longer scan content of personal emails.

Google puts an end to its much-talked advertising tool: Gmail ads scanning the contents of personal email accounts.

The decision was not taken by the company’s advertising department, but by the cloud division, which wants to attract more customers from the business sector.

Google has the professional G Suite software that competes with Microsoft which remains the category leader. Users who pay for Gmail have never received ads that have been scanned from their accounts, as is the case with the free version of the program, but some businesses do not understand this distinction and are reluctant to trust G Suite.

Diane Greene, vice president of cloud services, believes businesses may not use Google services due to the privacy implications of scanning emails for promotional purposes. She notes that G Suite never applied email scanning to serve ads to users of the service, while soon the content of free Gmail will not be used or will be scanned for ad personalization. However, ads will still remain in Gmail, although their selection process will use other available sources of information, including user searches on Google, YouTube or other platforms, as well.

Diane Greene also states that G Suite has more than 3 million users since June 2017 and its use by large business customers has been doubled since last year. The company does not make public the sales of the cloud service segment, but the “Other Revenue” segment, including the segment, recorded growth of 49% to 3.09 billion of dollars, in just the first quarter of the year.

It seems that Green’s ability to set limits on ads, Google’s primary revenue source, demonstrates the specific weight she has acquired within the company. Since the end of 2015, Google has invested in Cloud services to compete with Microsoft and Amazon, as well.

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