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Aegean Airlines says net profits up 13 pct in January-September

Aegean Airlines announced a 5.0 pct increase in its consolidated turnover to 939.3 million euros in the nine-month period from January to September, compared with the same period last year and said net pre-tax profits rose 14 pct to 115.8…

Aegean Airlines says profits up 87 pct in 2017

Aegean Airlines on Thursday announced an 87 pct jump in net profits to 60.4 million euros in 2017, with consolidated turnover rising 11 pct to 1.127 billion euros and EBITDA rising 56 pct to 120 millon euros.

Alpha Trust says profits sharply up in 2017

Alpha Trust, a Greek-listed mutual funds and alternative investments management company, said its net after-tax profits totaled 1.91 million euros in 2017, from profits of 0.02 million euros in 2016, while EBITDA soared 480 pct to 2.368…

Hellenic Petroleum: record profits & sales for 2017

Hellenic Petroleum announced record highs in production growth, profitability and sales for 2017 with the publication of its financial results on Thursday, registering an adjusted net income rise of 40 pct to 372 million euros and reported…

Coca-Cola HBC says profits up 27.7 pct in 2017

Coca-Cola HBC AG on Wednesday reported a 27.7 pct increase in its 2017 profits in 2017, with comparable net profits totaling 449.7 million euros from 352.1 million in 2016.