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Kallithea: Twelve arrests for skirmishes with police

Twelve individuals, including four minors, were arrested on Monday for participating in clashes with police in Kallithea on Monday morning, when police barred the way of far right groups and stopped them reaching a rally in Kyprou Square.

Georgian police arrested black market sellers of uranium

Georgian authorities arrested two people on Wednesday who attempted to sell in the black market quantities of radioactive uranium-238. The price was fixtured at $2.8 million. Uranium-238 is the least radioactive material in the family of…

Two of four suspects in referee attack identified

Police said on Wednesday they have identified two of four men linked to an attack on international and national soccer referee Thanassis Tzilos last December in the central Greek city of Larissa.

Security being ramped up for name deal demonstration

Police are bracing for more violence at a rally in Athens on Thursday against the Prespes agreement in the wake of serious clashes at a similar demonstration last Sunday, as far-right extremists have been making public appeals for a dynamic…

Laconia police stop 600,000-euro illegal antiquities deal

A man in the Peloponnesian region of Laconia faces charges of antiquities theft and smuggling after reportedly being caught in the process of conducting a 600,000-euro sale of stolen artifacts last week, the Greek police (ELAS) announced on…