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Ouzo Fest starts on Lesvos Friday

The "Ouzo Fest" will take place on Lesvos this weekend, giving lovers of the aniseed flavoured drink more than 40 labels to taste from.

Migrants and refugees continue to occupy central Mytilene square

Roughly 200 refugees and migrants, mostly Afghans, remained at Sappho's Square in the centre of Mytiline, Lesvos for a third consecutive day on Thursday, protesting over delays in the processing of their asylum applications and poor living…

Three migrants arrested by police in Lesvos

Three migrants, aged 24 to 38 years old, were arrested on the island of Lesvos in separate incidents. According to police, two of them, aged 24 and 28, were arrested for resistance and insubordination during a police search in Mytilini, the…