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Greek population seen shrinking to 8.3 mln by 2050

A special parliamentary committee sounded the alarm Tuesday over Greece’s shrinking population, stressing the need for measures to boost birth rates and to ensure “healthy aging” so as to minimize pressure on the health and social security systems.

Greece’s population declined 0.25 pct in 2016

Greece's population has declined by 0.25 pct according to estimates published by Eurostat on Monday, ahead of World Population Day on July 11. According to Eurostat, Greece's population numbered 10,757,300 individuals on January 1, 2017,…

What Countries Have the Most Diaspora Greeks?

A recent report by the General Secretariat for Greeks Abroad (GSGA) has documented that over 5 million people make up the Diaspora Greek population around the world. The data showed that people of Greek origin live in 140 different…