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VIDEO: This choir sings after eating hot peppers

A YouTuber decided along with a choir in Denmark to sing, since everyone consumes a hot pepper. Here's an attempt to finish the song correctly in the following video, released on Chili Klaus YouTube Channel.

Fisheries scandal strikes Danish government

The Danish government has come under fire from the opposition as well as environmental organizations for irregularities in the management of fisheries quotas and its call for criminal investigations into a number of fishing companies

Netherlands– Turkey diplomatic row intensifies

Netherlands decision not to allow Turkish ministers to speak in Rotterdam as well as the Turkish Foreign Minister’s and the Minister of Family Affairs’ persistence to travel to the country have blown out of control.

Ending “brain drain” a national target

Chronic problems in the labor market, challenges facing this market today and actions to be taken to boost employment, were among the topics of speeches at a conference organized by the American-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce.