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E.U. Rapporteur report calls for suspending Turkey’s accession talks

Kati Piri, Special E.U. Rapporteur on Turkey attended a press conference on Tuesday to discuss her 2018 Commission Report on Turkey. According to the Rapporteur’s recommendations, the European Union must give up accession deliberations with Ankara upon a series of violations recorded on a number of pre-accession chapters. The Dutch Member of the…

Athens in pieces: The tragedy of democracy

Our next location is a mere 100 steps from where I’m writing these essays. I pass it every day on my way to and from the library. It is the Monument of Lysicrates, built around 334 B.C.E., just about the time Aristotle returned to Athens to…

Barbaroussis says he respects democracy and constitution

Arrested MP Kostas Barbaroussis expressed regret on Monday over his comments in parliament last week that the military should arrest the president, prime minister and defence minister over the deal on the FYROM name issue.

Extreme neoliberal models undermine democracy, says Pavlopoulos

Extreme neoliberal economic models, in which the economic "trumps" the institutional, undermine the foundations of democratic principles and pose a risk to representative democracy, President of the Republic Prokopios Pavlopoulos said on…