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Turkish military planes fly over Farmakonissi

A Turkish F-16 flew over the Greek island of Farmakonissi at 10:56 on Tuesday, flying at a height of 3,200 feet. According to the Greek National Defence General Staff, two Turkish military aircrafts entered the Athens FIR at 10:55 on…

Turkish military aircrafts violate Athens FIR on Wednesday

Turkish military aircrafts flew over the islets of Makronissi and Anthropofagi of the island complex of Fourni as well as over Agathonissi, infringing on Athens FIR by not submitting a flight plan. The airpanes were recongised and…

Turkish aircraft infringes Athens FIR

A Turkish military aircraft on Tuesday flew over Zourafa islet, east of the island of Samothrace, at an altitude of 100 feet. The Turkish aircraft entered the Athens FIR at 13:00 and left at 13:33 on Tuesday.

Turkish fighters violate Greek Airspace

Forty-eight hours after Turkish PM Binali Yildirim’s one-day visit to Greece and common statements with Alexis Tsipras about violations in the Aegean, Turkish fighters entered Greek airspace on Wednesday morning.