Bulgarian Minister Avramova: Road infrastructure will upgrade connectivity between two countries

The Regional Development and Public Works Minister of Bulgaria Petya Avramova expressed her certainty that the infrastructure works, particularly those of the motorways already existing and under construction with aim the upgrading of the connectivity between Greece and Bulgaria and the whole region, will further promote the cooperation between the two countries.

Speaking on Thursday, Avramova underlined that the Bulgarians consider Greece one of the top tourist destinations and on their part, the Greeks choose Bulgarian resorts for their vacations. She presented the ‘map’ of the infrastructure works including the road networks that are in progress in Bulgaria with aim the improvement of the connectivity between Greece and Bulgaria.

She referred to the new e-vignette programme that was introduced in January 2019 which, as she said, facilitates the citizens and the truck drivers’ access to Bulgaria.

Avramova also referred to the works to eliminate the regional imbalances between urban and rural areas in Bulgaria as well as to the role of the crossborder programmes as Interreg V-A Greece-Bulgaria to the meeting of the above mentioned target.

Source ANA-MPA
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