Udo Bullmann: It is not reasonable for neoliberal forces to return in Greece

“I do not think it is reasonable for the neoliberal forces that dragged Greece and Europe into this situtation to return [to power],” said Udo Bullmann in the interview on Friday, a few days after an event held in Athens in which he was keynote speaker.

Asked about the “skirmish” between SYRIZA and the Movement for Change (KINAL), Bullmann said: “We invited our comrades from PASOK because they were necessary for success. We did not come to Greece to intervene in domestic issues, we came for the Greek people. What matters is the right ideas and for this reason I recommend that the progressive forces align. Let’s see the whole picture, beyond the national games, and let’s not lose ourselves in old conflicts. I do not think it is reasonable for the neoliberal forces that dragged Greece and Europe into this state to return,” Bullmann said

The leader of the Progressive Alliance of the Socialists and Democrats at the European Parliament also underlined: “We did not come to Greece to discuss SYRIZA’s characteristics. We are open to discussing our programme with all the democratic forces that share our ideas and obviously with our friends in the social democratic community. We need a broad alliance to beat nationalism and right-wing populism and to overcome the status quo in Europe,” Bullmann said.

Referring to the Prespes Agreement he said “We are aware that the issue of North Macedonia’s name was an emotional one and that for many the compromise was not easy to be accept. From the European prospect it is a huge achievement that will benefit both sides, economically and politically. Greece became a leading political force in the region and will safeguard peace and the stability,” he said.

Source ANA-MPA
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