ND’s Mitsotakis: Government likely to call elections on May 26

The prime minister will either panic and declare national elections for May 26, or hold them at the end of his term in October, with the May 26 Europarliamentary elections serving as a mirror of national sentiment, New Democracy leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis said at a central Athens hotel on Wednesday.

Speaking at a party event for the cutting of the New Year’s cake, Mitsotakis later expressed the opinion that elections will be held in May, on the same day European Parliament and local government elections.

On the campaign trail, the main opposition leader said, members of the party should remind voters of four things:

That the government was elected by cheating voters of what they promised; that it subjected them to unbearable taxes and withholdings, destroying the middle class; that it signed the Prespes Agreement; and that democracy has been undermined.

Speaking of his party’s priorities, topped by lowering taxes, Mitsotakis said “we want to increase the pie through growth, and then distribute it fairly”.

Source ANA-MPA
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