The audiovisual industry is a factor of democracy and culture, Kretsos says

“The audiovisual industry is a factor of democracy and culture, but also a developmental tool for the country’s economy,” Greek Deputy Digital Policy Minister Lefteris Kretsos said on Wednesday in a greeting at the opening of the “Alternative Cinema Pictures and Aspects” festival held in Nicosia.

In the address, which was read by the head of the Greek Embassy in Nicosia, Aikaterini Lambrou, Kretsos pointed out that the support of modern audiovisual production by the Greek state has multiple benefits:

(a) It supports the ideas, efforts and work of Greek and foreign producers, both in production and in the promotion at festivals and forums around the world, from the USA to Asia and Europe,

(b) contributes to positively changing Greece ‘s image abroad and

(c) contributes to the country’s economic development.

He also noted the financial incentives on offer, such as a 35 pct rebate of the cost of shooting in Greece, and the new economic environment created to attract productions and joint productions to the country.

Source ANA-MPA
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