EU Commissioner Cretu: Greece has the ingredients and the tools for success

“As Commissioner responsible for the Regional Policy I can only be proud on what has offered our policy to Greece and to its citizens. Greece has the ingredients and the tools for success” European Commissioner Corina Cretu said addressing on Sunday the Olympia Forum at Ancient Olympia.

She expressed her pleasure over her visit to a so important and symbolic place saying that here in the ancient times the athletes competed on the same conditions and rules. “Today this is the target set by the European cohesion policy. To create equal opportunities for all the European citizens and the enterprises by meeting their request for growth, work and a better life”, Cretu said.

She referred to the “previous difficult year which we have left behind us” adding that the cohesion policy was and remains the most important source of public investments in Greece. A tangible expression of Europe’s solidarity to Greece”.

Cretu referred to the tangible results of the cohesion policy and what has offered to the region noting the support in innovation and technology, in main transport infrastructures, in social infrastructures as schools and hospitals and also in culture.

Source ANA-MPA
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