PM Tsipras: We are on the right side of history

The safety matters are getting more and more complicated, said Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras addressing the 55th Munich Security Conference on Saturday.

The strengthening of the national rhetoric and nationalism as response to the international and regional challenges it’s like we are pushing the wheel of history backwards, said Tsipras.

This position is dangerous, disastrous and a bomb to the foundations of the European cohesion, noted Tsipras adding that we must address the challenges according to our values. The humanity flourishes through partnership and cooperation. The progress comes with the collective effort, the dialogue and the cooperation, said Tsipras.

We put an end to a long standing 30-year argument with North Macedonia through a very difficult, in its implementation, agreement, the Prespes Agreement which constitutes a reference point on where can lead the nationalism and the isolation, said Tsipras.

The Prespes Agreement, he said, is the best for both countries but also for the wider region of the Balkans and for Europe. “I am very proud and convinced that me and Zoran Zaev are on the right side of history” stated the Greek prime minister.

“The history is not written by those who delay or those who are afraid and tremble before the changes. On the contrary, the history is written by those who dare to bring changes and to stand, regardless of the reactions, on the right side of history”, he concluded.

Source ANA-MPA
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