Ivo Josipovic: Prespes Agreement very important for SE Europe

Former President of Croatia Ivo Josipovic said he considers the Prespes Agreement very important and beneficial not only for Greece and North Macedonia but also for the southeastern Mediterranean in its whole, speaking on Saturday on the sidelines of the 1st Thessaloniki Regional Forum and congratulated both countries’ governments for reaching a compromise.

“It is very important for the politicians to have the ability to make compromises. Ι know it was not easy for both sides to accept the agreement but finally it was reached and this is very important” said Josipovic.

He also estimated that the Prespes Agreement will strengthen the two countries’ bilateral relations at economic and political level and wished to become a kind of ‘roadmap’ for the resolution of other differences in the region.

Referring to North Macedonia’s accession to NATO, he noted that it will upgrade the stability in the wider region.

Former President of Croatia also referred to the conflict between Serbia and Kosovo expressing the hope that the European ambition of both, Belgrade and Pristina, will lead to a solution with compromise being the key-word, as he said.


Source ANA-MPA
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