Government’s production model will be based on sustainable growth, Αrachovitis says

The government’s new production model will be based on sustainable growth, stated Agriculture and Food Minister Stavros Arachovitis on Monday.

Following Greece’s exit from the programmes and the resolution of the FYROM name issue, the government will now concentrate on “spearhead” policies to boost real growth and strengthen the economy, he said. The primary sector and food processing, also linked to the tourism sector, will be among the protagonists in this effort, he added.

“We must not return to the model of the previous decade, which was a model of an intangible economy that may have produced profits for some but without having a real productive basis. The result was the country’s bankruptcy and we do not want to return to this model. We already have the figures for 2017 (11-month report), which show that exports have reached 30 billion euros, and we are heading for a record year for exports in the country’s history, without petroleum products. We are talking about products really made in Greece,” Arachovitis said.

Referring to the strategy for the farming sector, he said this should be based mostly on quality. “This is happening based on a plan and with support to specific sectors where the country can have a comparative advantage,” said Arachovitis. This competitive edge, he explained, was quality. “This is the brand of our products. The good reputation of Greek feta cheese, olive oil, peaches, honey, Kozani saffron and a series of products that are famous worldwide and whose surplus value we have been unable to tap. So what we have been doing systematically in recent years is to invest precisely on creating this surplus value”.

Source ANA-MPA
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