Pappas highlights local government role in promoting equitable growth via new technologies

New technologies have a crucial role to play in achieving equitable growth, while local governments are called upon to support local communities, as the institution that is closest to society, Digital Policy Minister Nikos Pappas noted in an article published on Sunday.

“What we need today but even more after the local government elections in May, are municipalities and regions…that are ready to exploit the potential offered by new technologies and their fair and balanced distribution throughout society,” he said.

The distribution of new technologies in society and the economy would determine whether they were a tool for cohesion or give birth to more inequality, Pappas noted, adding that local authorities were key.

“In no way are ‘smart cities’ a luxury,” Pappas underlined, promising to support local authorities in this direction and noting that the determination of central government was not enough.

Pappas also referred to various measures and initiatives currently being planned or underway, such as an “electronic protocol” that will allow citizens to follow the progress of their dealings with the state or the Single Digital Portal for all transactions with the public sector and even “ smark parking” programmes adopted by various municipalities to help drivers find parking spaces, among others.

Source ANA-MPA
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