Charitsis: Most Greeks pin their hopes on a progressive path, not nationalism

“It is clear that the greater part of Greek society continues to pin its hopes on a progressive way out of this crisis and not a nationalist entrenchment,” Interior Minister Alexis Charitsis said, in an interview released on Sunday.

“Two opposite poles are emerging: a conservative one around New Democracy that is moving rapidly toward the right and increasingly adopting a far right agenda …and a leftist-progressive pole with SYRIZA at its core, which seeks to put the country onto a new course,” Charitsis claimed.

According to the minister, the “great dividing line” was between the country continuing on its course of reorganisation or “ returning to the past, to nationalist entrenchment, a conservative doubling back and the senseless policies that brought it to default, as the main opposition wants.”

“The answer that will be given to this crucial dilemma will not only determine the result of the next elections but also the face of the country in the coming decades,” he added.

In this political landscape, Charitsis noted, it was natural for parties “without strong social grounding, nor a clear political identity and ideological cohesion,” to founder and lose support, their members scattering in one direction or the other.

Commenting on the Prespes Agreement, the minister said it had put a permanent end to the “name dispute industry” and, once the dust had settled, most people will realise that the deal was the only one that fully protected Greece’s interests and its historical and cultural heritage, turning “ Northern Greece into a powerful economic and geopolitical actor throughout the Balkans”.

Criticising the opposition, meanwhile, Charitsis said its problem “is not the content of the Agreement but the solution of the problem itself,” adding that “ in seeking the strategic defeat of the Left, they have no problem sacrificing the nation’s interests.”

Source ANA-MPA
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