Maximos Mansion: All Greeks will learn the whole truth over the Prespes Agreement

On Wednesday the parliament gave a vote of confidence both to the government and to the country’s stability, a statement from Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras’ press office at Maximos Mansion underlined on Thursday.

“Based on this, both the prime minister and the government make clear the following, in terms of the Prespes Agreement:

We will not choose fast-track procedures for the debate and ratification in parliament. In no case would we promote an agreement crucial to Greece’s future and the region’s stability by hiding.

On the contrary, our intention is for every Greek citizen citizens to be informed on all its aspects in order to be able to judge objectively whether it agrees with our national interests or not.

Our aim is for the entire Greek people to learn the truth and to form their judgment with sense and sensitivity on the basis of truth alone, not on the basis of shouts, slogans and nationalist rhetoric.

To serve this aim, the Foreign Ministry will take care to ensure the entire text of the agreement is distributed through the Sunday press, in order for everyone to be able to form a judgment after they have read it.”

In its announcement, the Maximos Mansion termed as a ‘very important step’ in informing the Greek people “a debate with the leader of the main opposition [New Democracy Kyriakos Mitsotakis] exclusively on the Prespes Agreement, a debate proposed by the prime minister during the parliamentary session on Wednesday evening.”

“Our proposal is for the debate to be broadcast on all television channels and to be held early next week, at a day and time that will be jointly agreed,” it said.

“Citizens will thus have the opportunity to hear and compare the arguments, and to address the Prespes Agreement using truth as a guideline and judging on the basis of their conscience, without succumbing to petty party politics and hysterical expressions of alleged patriotic antagonism,” it explained.

In its conclusion, the PM’s office said, “All democratic and progressive political forces as well as every deputy are also called to do the same. What should prevail in such major national issues is the country’s patriotic interests and the certainty that everyone will be judged by the Greek people and by history. Because today, as always, what is national is what is true.”

Source ANA-MPA
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