Chrysoveloni ‘stands by’ statement saying that government must end its term

Deputy Foreign Minister Marina Chrysoveloni, a MP with the Independent Greeks (ANEL) party, on Sunday said that she fully stands by every word of the statement that she made on January 8, in which she noted that “the present government must complete its term” since it had entered “its most productive, creative and positive phase”.

In the same statement, Chrysoveloni noted this was owed to both the Greeks that were still struggling and the members of the ANEL and SYRIZA parties, who had worked hard under great pressure, saying that no one should be allowed to prevent the work underway to fight corruption, correct injustices, support the welfare state, the economy, use Greece’s wealth-generating resources and upgrade the country’s role as a factor for stability, peace, cooperation and alliance in its surrounding region.

Source ANA-MPA
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