Government will not back down from ratification of Prespes Agreement, says Charitsis

“We will not back down, we will proceed with the ratification of the Prespes Agreement in the Greek parliament as it resolves a long standing problem in a nationally beneficial way,” Interior Minister Alexis Charitsis noted on Monday.

“The majority in parliament understand that the Prespes Agreement upgrades Greece’s geopolitical position, especially the position of northern Greece, and it is certain that there will be an absolute majority in parliament,” Charitsis said.

Asked about Panos Kammenos and the stance of the Independent Greeks party (the junior member of the ruling coalition led by SYRIZA), the minister said that all sides must be careful of the decisions they take.

On the Novartis scandal , Charitsis said that it was a huge scandal that cost billions of euros to the Greek state and full light should be shed on the case. He noted, however, that the case was already in the hands of Greek justice and any statements made about it should be “careful and parsimonious”.

Source ANA-MPA
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