PM and special guests enjoy New Year carols at Maximos Mansion

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and his partner Betty Baziana started their day on Monday by welcoming a series of special guests to the Maximos Mansion, invited to hear New Year carols played by the Athens State Orchestra “Metallo” and to exchange wishes for the New Year.

The aim of the prime minister’s New Year event was to celebrate the “unseen heroes” of the past year, whose actions have made a significant contribution in socially sensitive areas.

Among those attending were the psychologists and social workers that provided support to the victims of the Mati fires and their families, the Greek and migrant fishermen who helped rescue those fleeing the July 23 fires from the sea but also the dance group Dagipolis representing people with disabilities, the acting group Red Thread for its attempt to raise awareness among school children about bullying issues, parents that care for foster children and a delegation from the school ’18 and over’ where people struggling with drug dependency can go to finish high school and sit university entrance exams.

Mingling with the many children at the Maximos Mansion were also the unaccompanied refugee children living in reception facilities, accompanied by staff from the shelters.

Source ANA-MPA
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