Jean-Claude Juncker disappointed over migration policy decisions at the European Council

President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker expressed his dissatisfaction on Friday after the European Council did not adopt the Commission’s proposals on migration and on a common European asylum system.

In statements after the Council meeting, Juncker said the Commission had made seven proposals, five of which were nearly agreed to. However, he said, European leaders could not be convinced to adopt them.

The leaders of European member-states said in their assessment that the illegal crossings at the EU’s external borders had dropped to pre-crisis levels and the downward trend continued. They said that the drop was attributed to the EU’s migration policy and that of its member-states, which is based mainly on control of external borders, pursuing human traffickers and collaborating with origin and transit countries that has intensifying the last few months.

The Council also called on all related sides to complete negotiations for the European Border Control and Coast Guard as soon as possible, while the EU leaders expressed satisfaction for the agreement reached at Council level on December 6 in terms of strengthening the future agency in the processing of returning migrants whose asylum is rejected and its collaboration with third countries.

Source ANA-MPA
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