Europe’s progressives must fight together against the far right, says Keller

The progressives of Europe must put up a united front against the far right, presenting their own vision for Europe and stopping a preoccupation with issues that only make it stronger, MEP and co-president of the European Parliament’s Greens/EFA Group Ska Keller said in an interview released on Sunday.

“I find that it is important to fight together against far right formations and against the attack on democracy. This will be even more important in the next European parliament, since the far right is expected to increase its strength,” she said.

The progressive forces “must not hide away in their warrens like rabbits” but actively and broadly communicate their views and their vision for Europe on a full range of issues, while “clearly opposing the far right and supporting humanism and an open society,” Keller said.

“We are making a fundamental error in constantly talking about them and making them the focus of politics. We are strengthening the far right by constantly discussing the refugees, as if there were no other issues. It doesn’t make sense,” she noted.

Commenting on a proposal for an alliance of progressive forces in Europe made by Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, Keller noted that there was excellent cooperation with other progressive forces in the European Parliament “but the parties have the right to run autonomously in the European elections.”

She noted that the Greens have had major successes beyond Hesse and Bavaria, most recently in Luxembourg and Belgium, while a positive alternative with a European vision has increased their percentage.

“Europe was one of the most important issues in the Bavarian elections and we increased our percentage precisely because we had clear positions on Europe,” she said.

The vision of the Greens ahead of the European elections is a “united, social, ecological Europe having solidarity, which stands by its citizens before the great challenges posed in our times,” she said, while in Athens to take part in a discussion on “Social and Green Europe: priorities and conditions” organised by the Greek Ecologists/Greens.
The full interview in Greek is available on the ANA website.

Source ANA-MPA
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