Palestinian Ambassador Toubassi: Israel fully responsible for worsening situation in Gaza

The Ambassador of the Palestinian Authority to Greece Marwan Toubassi, in an announcement on Wednesday, said that Israel was fully to blame for the worsening situation in the Gaza Strip and called on the “friendly Greek government and the international community to act as soon a possible and do whatever is necessary to prevent a new massacre in Gaza”.

According to the Embassy’s announcement, “Israeli military troops entered and crossed the borders of south Gaza with a mission to murder and kidnap Palestinian fighters. Later, Israel sent its airforce to ensure their troops’ escape after they were uncovered by Palestinian fighters, which resulted in the murder of seven Palestinians”.

“President Mahmoud Abbas decided to interrupt his trip to Kuwait and return to Palestine to monitor at close hand the recent developments and Israel’s attack against the Palestinians in the besieged Gaza Strip.”

Concluding the announcement, he said that “President Abbas has begun intensive contacts at all levels to protect our people and to stop the Israeli onslaught in Gaza, which has resulted in the death of 12 Palestinians and left hundreds injured, as well as demolishing many residential buildings.”

Source ANA-MPA
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