Head of new National Security Council to be approved by Parliament, says Kotzias

The new National Security Council (NSC) being set up will serve as a coordinating instrument for ministries and services on national security issues, and will provide alternative solutions to ongoing and possible problems, Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias said on Tuesday.

Following a meeting of the National Council of Foreign Policy (NCFP) which discussed the NSC’s establishment, Kotzias explained that the Security Council will also serve to inform leaders of political parties about its discussions, plans and alternative solutions. “ This is a unique feature of our law (establishing it) that exists nowhere else,” he said.

The head of the council will report directly to the prime minister, talk with political parties and be appointed by the premier. His appointment will be approved by Parliament: “ That is the uniqueness of our own law” setting up the body, he said.

The foreign minister rejected criticism by the representatives of main opposition New Democracy (ND) and the Democratic Coalition that he did not brief the NCFP adequately on national issues. Today’s discussion was about the NSC, he said, and the issues on Greece’s relations with Albania, FYROM and Turkey have been discussed in detail in Parliament and the Special Committee for Foreign and Defense Affairs.

The next meeting of the NCFP he will convene will focus on Balkan relations.

He also criticized ND representative, deputy Giorgos Koumoutsakos, for walking out. According to the Foreign Ministry, Koumoutsakos requested the expansion of the agenda and walked out after his suggestion was rejected, among others by the representatives of SYRIZA and its ruling coalition partner ANEL, Potami, and the Union of Centrists.

Unfortunately, Kotzias said, ND did not participate “ in this good climate, as always, having decided instead not to discuss issues that we are called upon to resolve, (…) choosing instead to limit itself to a constant accusatory tone.”

Source ANA-MPA
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