Alexis Charitsis: PM to announce measures of ‘measured expansion’

The measures that will be announced by the prime minister on Saturday and implemented in the coming months reflect a logic of “measured expansion” into which the country has now entered, following the end of the programmes and a cycle of austerity, Interior Minister Alexis Charitsis said in an interview.

“The work done over the recent period – and allow me to say this because I was personally involved – is precisely how we will match the fiscal capacity we have managed to achieve in recent years with the very great needs that have accumulated in Greek society through the years of crisis,” he said.

Commenting on recent opinion polls, the minister said the outcome in the elections remained “open” despite the big gap between the two largest parties. He also noted the main issue at stake was not who would rule but the country’s course in the years to come, “whether we will adopt a logic of fair and sustainable growth, of support for labour and the social state, or whether we will return to the old ways, to the things that finally led us to the crisis.”

Asked about the prospect of a ‘triple’ national, European and local election in May 2019, Charitsis replied that the government’s plan was to run to the end of its four-year term, “especially now, following the exit from the programme, when Greek citizens must see the positive results we are observing on a macroeconomic and fiscal level in their daily life and their pocket.”

Source ANA-MPA
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