Christos Staikouras: ND remains a deeply democratic and originally progressive party

New Democracy (ND) shadow Finance Minister Christos Staikouras called Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras “prime minister for a limited period” in an interview on Sunday. He also said that the “government will try to cling to power”.

Referring to the cuts in pensions and the possibility the government to suspend the measure, Staikouras supported that “if the government wants it can accept ND’s proposal for the abolition of regulations for the future cuts in pensions”.

Commenting the outcome of the recent Eurogroup meeting on the Greek debt, he said that “every decision that leads to the improvement of the debt’s sustainability. as it happened with the reduction and improvement of its profile in 2012, is positively received” however, he characterised the decision on the debt “lower than the expectations”.

Finally, he said that ND remains “a deeply democratic, inclusive, compound, originally progressive and anti-populist party”.

Source ANA-MPA
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