FYROM cannot join NATO before fulfilling name agreement obligations, says Kammenos

“Skopje will be invited to join NATO only when they have met their obligations provided in the Prespes agreement,” Independent Greeks (ANEL) leader and Defence Minister Panos Kammenos told parliament on Wednesday.

His comments on the FYROM name issue agreement with Greece signed in Prespes Lake in June were in response to Andreas Loverdos, Democratic Alliance’s parliamentary spokesman, who referred to vagueness and confusion cultivated by the government on the issue.

Kammenos said that FYROM has specific obligations to fulfill before the Greek parliament ratifies the agreement, without which FYROM cannot become a NATO member.

“The principle of unanimity exists in NATO. Even if a single member disagrees then a country can’t become member,” the leader of the junior coalition member said. ANEL’s position is clear, he said, and it is to request a supermajority of 180 votes when the time comes for the Greek parliament vote. “Let’s see what your party will do,” when the time comes, he said.

Source ANA-MPA
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