Stergios Pitsiorlas: Government striving to make Greek shipyards competitive

The government is striving for a complete overhaul and the development of shipbuilding and repair in Greece, Deputy Economy Minister Stergios Pitsiorlas said while speaking to Elefsina shipyard workers on Monday. The workers had gathered outside the economy ministry building in Athens to demand a solution to the shipyard’s problems.

Even though a meeting with the representatives of the workers had been arranged, Pitsiorlas left his office and came down into the street to talk with the gathered workers, saying that his ministry is cooperating with the defence ministry and specifically with Alternate Defence Minister Fotis Kouvelis and the Hellenic Navy so that a solution for the shipyard can be found.

The workers are concerned that a programme to build Hellenic Navy missile boats will not be completed.

Pitsiorlas said that Greece meets all the requirements to develop a strong shipbuilding and repair industry and efforts are being made to build a competitive shipyard sector from scratch.

Source ANA-MPA
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