According to Tziallas’ estimations, tourist arrivals to exceed 32 million

Tourist arrivals are expected to increase by 2 mln this year in comparison with 2017 and to exceed 32 million, said the general secretary of Tourism Ministry Giorgios Tziallas in an event on health tourism in Greece organised by the International Health Tourism Centre and the World Institute of Greek Doctors at the Huffington Centre in Los Angeles, USA.

Tziallas also focused on another positive development in the tourism and the job positions in Greece “for the first time since 2001, there were 100,000 job positions in April 2018, 80 percent of them were in the tourism sector, half of them referred to permanent and not seasonal jobs.

The aim said Tziallas is to promote the thematic tourism, as the health tourism and the tourism period to extend by promoting new tourist destinations.

Source ANA-MPA
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