Abdulaliz Ali Al-Naama: Greece can become Qatar’s gateway to Europe

The ambassador of Qatar to Greece Abdulaziz Ali Al-Naama expressed his country volition for further enhancement and boosting of the relations with Greece through the increase of investments and called Greece a very important and beautiful country, in an interview.

“When this wish is fulfilled, I will have not doubt that Greece will really become Qatar’s gateway to Europe” said Qatar’s envoy underlining that “the implementation of this target demands the cooperation of both countries responsible authorities as huge effort and a great deal of time will be needed to accomplish this goal and we do not wish to extend it with bureaucracy”.

Focusing on the bilateral relations, he said that are at a good level and referred to the investment opportunities and Qatar’s interest, the cooperation opportunities between Greek and Qatari enterprises for the implementation of joint investment projects as well as to Greece’s export possibilities.

He noted that the National Airlines of Qatar have launched two new direct flights to Greece (Mykonos and Thessaloniki) in the last period and said that the two countries are working on new cooperation protocols in several sectors.

The Qatari ambassador, on the occasion of the one-year embargo to Qatar from the other Arab countries, he characterised this exclusion unfair claiming that it is based on fake and fabricated stories and is against the international law.

His impression from Greece is “that I am in a beautiful and friendly country with lovely and hospitable people”.

Finally, he referred to the Greeks that went to Qatar to for work noting that “the increasing rate of Greek scientists that seek for a job in Qatar is the best proof of Greek people’s love for Qatar. They are the bridge of cultural cooperation between Athens and Doha”.

Source ANA-MPA
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