Foreign ministry replies to Spain’s Ambassador accusations

The comments of Spain’s Ambassador to GreeceEnrique Viguera, on the position of the government on the Catalan vote and the Rouvikonas caused the government’s response and a response by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

More specifically, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs mentioned that the Greek President Prokopios Pavlopoulos represents the country as a whole and that Mr. Viguera by saying that Mr. Pavlopoulos’ reply is not the government’s reply crosses the diplomatic lines, constitutes an affront to the Constitution of Greece. Also, by clearly agreeing with the arguments of the main opposition party, he crosses the lines of domestic politics.

Furthermore, the Ministry reminded that when a similar incident with the Rouvikonas’ break-in had happened in 2011, noone was punished, while this time the members who broke into the embassy were sentenced to six months in prison.

The statements of Mr. Viguera were part of a Sunday interview he gave, where he said that the government didn’t express its immediate response to the territorial integrity of Spain, unlike New Democracy and Mr. Pavlopoulos.

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