A message of support from Emmanuel Macron to Athens

The Greek governments sees the formal two- day visit of Emmanuel Macron to Athens as clear indication and evidence of support for Greece’s efforts to pull out of the economic crisis and to enter into path of economic and development growth path.

The French President, according to sources, will be accompanied by a large group of businessmen, from various important industrial and financial sectors. These businessmen that accompany the French President on his trip to Greece are active in critical sectors such as energy, infrastructure, tourism, start-ups, the financial, as well as the defense sector. Just to give an indication, the French President will be accompanied in his trip to Athens by representatives of French companies like Suez, Total, EDF, Sanofi, Orpea, Bpifrance, Engie.

Furthermore, as government source suggest, the purchase of the Thessaloniki Port Authority (TPA) by a joint venture led by a French company, is considered by French officials to be a sign of added confidence and trust to the Greek economy as well as a stepping stone for new major investments to Greece

Therefore, the talks between the two sides are expected to focus mainly on attracting new investments, Greece’s access to the global fiscal and financial markets as well as to the future of the Eurozone.

The French President is expected, that during his visit the archeological site at Pnyka and his speech there to address the issues and describe his vision regarding the future of the European Union and the Eurozone. A debate that has already been initiated between Berlin and Paris after the accession of Mr. Macron to the French Presidency.

The Greek prime-ministers is expected to highlight the historical significance of the Greek-French friendship and cooperation, and the crucial role of France and President Macron himself during his tenure as the Minister of Economy and for his support to our country during the crisis. According to information, Mr. Tsipras is expected, in his speech, to put forward his own proposals and positions for the future of Europe and of the Eurozone area and he is expected to further press the point that the initiatives that have to be initiated so that the European Union can overcome its internal crisis will have to move along the lines of abolishing the austerity policy and measures currently bening implemented all over Europe and to closing the gap between Northern Europe and South Europe. According to government sources, he will also will highlight the role and the importance of Greece as a pillar of stability in south-eastern Europe.

The French President, Mr. Emmanuel Macron is expected to arrive in Athens on Thursday afternoon, where he will start his visit to Greece at the Presidential Palace where he will hold a meeting with H.E The President of Republic, Mr. Prokopis Pavlopoulos. Following this, a three-hour meeting of intense negotiations and talks is expected to take place between the Greek and French delegations under Mr. Alexis Tsipras and Mr. Emmanuel Macron at the prime-minister’s office. Following this, the two leaders will hold a press conference and immediately after they will move to Pnyka where the main speech of Mr. Macron will be delivered.

On Friday morning, President Macron, accompanied by a large number of French businessmen, will hold talks with representatives of the Greek government and Greek businesses at the Stavros Niarchos Foundation. Mr. Macron’s visit is expected to be concluded with his address about the development dynamic of the Greek economy, its overall potential and existing and upcoming business opportunities.

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