Why do we have to relate so much to Goebbels or Stalin?

The front-page of the historic left-wing newspaper “AVGH” (Dawn) was hosting a front-page title & article that it was claiming that there is “a second on-going process of cleansing Nazism”, an article that was also hosting a photo of the leader of the main opposition party, Mr. Kyriakos Mitsotakis, on the first page. The reply, send out to the main press, by the main opposition party was: “turn these remarks back on their head and that that Goebbels-like front-pages and columns of the Avgi newspaper has surpassed in terms of vulgarity, wretchedness and degradation even the government’s standing policy. This can only be considered as a major feat and victory on behalf of the government’s moral standing”. “The government can drop to even further moral levels”, this statement made by the New Democracy HQ against the Prime-minister’s Office during a new round of confrontation, bringing forward a new political controversy and confrontation, in the Greek political scene, based upon historical roots and events of over 100 years ago, between the Bolshevik revolution and Hitler’s Nazi Germany …

Still, even though, this is Greece in 2017 under an overall MOU and trusteeship circle, with having the apparent need to revive the economy, Greek society, the social and government institutions, the main stage political confrontation between the two main actors, SYRIZA and New Democracy, seems to be focusing and it is conducted in WWI and WII World War politics, terms and conditions!!!

Initially, all the statements, with regards to…Goebbels are related to the conservative’s – neoliberal faction’s response to the government’s decision not take part – as the Greek government and member of the EU – to the “International Conference on the European Day of Remembrance of victims of Nazi and Soviet atrocities (European Day of Remembrance for Victims of Stalinism and Nazism) under the auspices of the Estonian Presidency of the EU.

New Democracy has officially claimed and argued against such a move, stating that such a decision and move is offensive to both Greeks and Europeans that share common European ideals and values and has went on to make clear that while both Nazism and Stalinism are two grave and dark historical periods in the history of mankind and of European history, and that both are to be condemned without any doubt, the SYRIZA-ANEL government wishes to gain extra votes within the pool of traditional left-wing voters by arguing against this, while at the same time, it does not maintain any stable political basis since it argues and votes in favor the MOU’s in their entirety ….

The issue on hand is for us to look into why this entire issue has gone out of hand. Why does Greek public opinion has to deal with this very issue for over 4 days, in such an unprecedented intensity and in relation to Communism (which New Democracy does not overall excuse, but with in a rather guided and rather forward framework, attempts to make a rather distinctive political and philosophical separation between Communism and Stalinism). Still, and as to relation, to SYRIZA’s intention, in finding further – additional voters coming from the ranks of the traditional Left, it seems somewhat possible that the main opposition party might receive credit and additional political kudos from the fact that the Greek government will not participate at the Conference, since SYRIZA also seems to have come into agreement with the Communist Party of Greece (CPG – ΚΚΕ), which through a rather “fiery” statement has argued that left-wing parties in Greece have almost a similar ideological basis and foundation. Therefore, it seems that the governing party is implementing its policy rather well and that its tactics are really paying off dividends.

Beyond that, over and above it, New Democracy staffers claim that an ideologically based confrontation further enhances and builds up SYRIZA’s low rating at the polls. Still, this primarily means, that this tactic is merely being used in order to “throw the ball of field”, meaning that with the use of an overall divisive and confrontational rhetoric, it is attempting to create a rather powerful diversion from the oncoming tax onslaught regarding ENFIA, the continuous summons for repositions, as well the electronically administered “first home” repositions.

Still, even though New Democracy could well claim that an objective observer would not incur any damage from this ideological confrontation with SYRIZA. This actually seems to be making things easier for the main opposition party. Besides, due to the upcoming “Principles” Conference in November, New Democracy can renew effectively all its mandate with regards to Entrepreneurship and the Economy, Education, as well as Government and Local Government Administration, placing more ideological values and principles in the forefront of policy formulation, so that its leader, Mr. Mitsotakis can come forth with clear-cut and outright positions on major issues, just a year after taking power within the main opposition party.

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