German-speaking travelers picking Crete and Rhodes in 2019

Rhodes and Crete appear to be among the leading destinations of choice for the German-speaking market in 2019, according to travel portal HolidayCheck.

According to the Switzerland-based travel services provider, Rhodes hotels achieved a 9 percent rise in revenue to 26.77 million euros compared to 24.6 million euros in 2017, while bookings were up by 7 percent.

Hotels on Crete, meanwhile, recorded a 7 percent increase in revenue to 44.7 million euros against 41.6 million euros in 2017 and 7 percent in bookings, according to HolidayCheck data.

Leading the way on Rhodes in 2018 was Falirakiwith hotels there achieving an 18 percent increase in revenue and a 19 percent rise in bookings, with overnight stays up by 15 percent, followed by Kolymbia, marking a 12 percent rise in reservations and a 20 percent increase in revenue.

On Crete, meanwhile, favorite destinations were Chania, with a 99 percent rise in revenue and a 65 percent increase in bookings in 2018, as reported by Rhodes daily Rodiaki, followed by Agios Nikolaos with stronger revenues by 15 percent and bookings by 16 percent.

Other locations performing well last year on Crete were Hersonissos and Rethymno.

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