Greece as one of 5 top EU destinations a leading target in the 2021 National Development Strategy

The emergence of Greece, in 2020, as one of the top 5 European destinations and among the top three destinations in the Mediterranean, specializing in “experiential travel”, was recorded as a leading target in the 2021 National Development Strategy.

The key strategic priority for the tourism sector is promoting Greece as a leading, safe destination that offers authentic thematic tourism experiences 12 months a year. The vision for Greece is, beyond the traditional “sun-sand-sea” model, to make it an ideal place of traveling throughout the year and provide unique and comprehensive travel experiences across the country and not only in the traditional destinations of the Greek islands.

The strategic objectives, apart from the further increase in international arrivals, include the following:

  • GDP incrase in tourism.
  • Revenue increase per visitor.
  • Upgrading the quality of tourism products and services.
  • Strengthening Greece’s tourism profile (Brand name) – Single Brand.
  • Modernisation of tourism stakeholders.
  • Integration of new technologies in the tourism sector.
  • Development and improvement of human resource skills.

Crucial success factors of these strategies is the extension of the tourist season, the codification and simplification of legislation, the aggressive penetration of hoteliers in sharing economy and the adoption of technologies and practices, the investment in new talents and digital training of hotel staff, attracting higher income tourists, the increased number of tourists, improving basic infrastructure related to the development of tourism and the business environment (attracting investment), the development of innovative promotional and display forms of tourism products, the introduction of advanced technologies, the distribution and sale of hotel services, better coordination and monitoring of the implementation of tourism policy, and the connection of educational programmes with the labour market, and through the design and development of a modern tourism education system.

Source ANA-MPA
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