E-sports World Outdoor Gymnastics Gala arrives at Kallimarmaro Stadium

Athens will be the official holder of the World Outdoor Gymnastics Gala (WOGG) event this summer. The Gala is a renowned e-sports event, accredited by the Hellenic Gymnastics Federation and sponsored by the Federation of Hellenic Associations of Tourist and Travel Agencies (FedHATTA). The event will feature the participation of 20 Olympic Games athletes from 20 different countries. The 20 athletes will meet on 7 July at Kallimarmaron Stadium to compete against their digital rivals. Kallimarmaron, the marble-built Panathinaic Stadium, is located in the centre of Athens, and is the official venue of modern Olympic Games. From Kallimarmaron Stadium the Olympic Flame initiates its world trip across participating countries in the Games.

The e-sports event will utilise virtual reality technology to create real-life digital depictions of the athletes, best known as the WOGGATARs. The virtual athletes will compete against the real ones into three Olympic sports, artistic gymnastics, rhythmic gymnastics and trampoline. Renowned Olympic Games athletes are expected to feature in the e-sports games. The Greek representation will be comprised of several Olympians including record-men Lefteris Petrounias and Vlasis Maras in the field of artistic gymnastics, and Lila Kasapoglou in women trampoline.

The virtual competition will honour the ancient-long custom of sponsorship. The participants will vote for the best sponsors in the venue and award them with financial prizes. The audience will also participate in this process. Each attendee will be given four votes to choose the Olympians who matched in terms of performance their virtual counterparts. The 20 first attendees who successfully predict the first four athletes will be awarded free tickets, accommodation and attendance to the next WOGG event.

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