Lefteris Petrounias: I gave all my soul to get this gold medal

Greek world champion in the rings event at the World Artistic Gymnastics in Doha, Lefteris Petrounias arrived in Athens at 21:30 on Saturday. However, the three-time world champion and Olympic champion stayed in Athens only for a few hours because he left on Sunday for France to undergo a surgery on his left arm.

“I am a bit afraid of the surgery because I have not been operated on the arm again but I look forward to happen because I am carrying this pain for ten months and I can’t bear the pain anymore” said Petrounias in his statements to the official site of the world championships in Doha.

“I am very happy because it was very difficult for me to compete with the problem I had with my arm. I believe the success was 50 percent from the body and 50 percent from the soul. There were so many Greeks in the stadium “Arena” and when it was my turn to compete my coach told me to do it for them. I gave all my soul to get this gold medal” Petrounias said.

Source ANA-MPA
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