KINAL’s Gennimata at final convention day: ‘we are heirs of Andreas Papandreou’s legacy’

Movement For Change (KINAL) party’s second and final symposium day on Sunday culminated to a closing address by party leader Fofi Gennimata, a warm welcome to Frans Timmermans, the elected European Socialists’ lead candidate for the 2019 European elections vote, and the celebration of the centenary of Andreas Papandreou’s birth, founder of the PanHellenic Socialist Party (PASOK), a party from which KINAL was morphed.

Referring to Andreas Papandreou, KINAL’s ideological forefather according to Fofi Gennimata, she said that “we are those who continue this fascinating historical journey, heirs of a historical heritage,” and moreover “Andreas Papandreou is becoming more and more timely…fixed in the Greek soul, in collective consciousness, as a charismatic politician who defined the course and the fate of this country,” calling him “a national leader with a vision and strategy for the country, a leader synonymous to Change.”

“With KINAL – Movement For Change we carry on right ahead, to turn a page, to move on, for a powerful Greece, at the heart of Europe,” said Gennimata, before welcoming onstage Frans Timmermans, who she called “a Dutchman with a Greek Soul.”

The convention came to a close with the Mikis Theodorakis Orchestra taking a live stage, in the presence of the two sons of Andreas Papandreou, Nikos Papandreou and former Greek Prime Minister Giorgos Papandreou.

Source ANA-MPA
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