Citizen Protection Minister Gerovassili condemns racists’ attack on refugees

Citizen Protection Minister Olga Gerovassili, in statements on Wednesday, condemned the racists’ attack on juvenile refugees hosted in NGO facilities.

“Democratic society will stand up against racists and the police will do what they need to do,” said Gerovassili.

Specifically, she said:

“The democratic society of Konitsa and all of Greece, which showed exemplary solidarity with the refugees, condemns the incredible event. And it will stand against the racists. The Greek police will do the right thing.”

Last Sunday, five hooded persons attacked nine unaccompanied Afghan minors who were staying at a facility in Konitsa and injured one of them while a second suffered acute distress as they attempted to escape.

The two children were initially transferred to the Konitsa Health Center and then to the Hospital of Ioannina, from where they were discharged the next day.

Source ANA-MPA
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