ND leader Mitsotakis: Cooperation of private and public sector in insurance and health

New Democracy (ND) leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis pledged to abolish the so-called Katrougalos law once he is in power and replace it with a sustainable social insurance system – one which is based on three pillars and includes the participation of the private sector – while addressing a meeting of the Greek Insurance Companies Union on Tuesday.

“The existing system has reached its limits and is unfair,” he said, explaining that his proposal for the insurance system is based on the principle of universal insurance for all but also on the principle of reciprocity, so that everyone enjoys the fruits of his or her labour, while guaranteeing solidarity between generations.

Mitsotakis also referred to the healthcare offered by public and private insurance, noting that Greeks currently spend the most on health in Europe while also paying social insurance contributions. Private and public-sector partnerships could lower the cost and improve the quality of the services on offer, he noted.

Referring to Greece’s economy, Mitsotakis painted a dark picture: “In a few months from now, a negative cycle for the country, marked by a lack of credibility and inefficiency that culminated in lies and national retreats, will come to a close. SYRIZA’s four-year governance was marked by an unnecessary third memorandum and then a fourth,” he said.

He also spoke about tax cuts and plans to negotiate with Greece’s European partners to reduce primary surplus targets while reiterating a pledge that the first tax cuts will occur during his government’s first month in power. “The reduction of primary surpluses is ND’s main strategic priority,” Mitsotakis said, adding that SYRIZA’s government had traded remaining in power for decades of austerity.

“We disagreed with the high surpluses… Only growth can bring sustainable primary surpluses, whereas now they arise through austerity,” he concluded.

Source ANA-MPA
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