There is a gap of information in the State-Church agreement, Gavroglou says

Education and Religion Minister Costas Gavroglou referred to a ‘gap of information’ in terms of the agreement between the State and the Church and particularly on the clergymen payroll issue, speaking on Sunday.

“For the first time the clergy is being secured in a way that should be secured in a modern European state” he said noting that the payroll will continue to be fixed according to the single payroll and further guaranteed by the existing status. “The state will annually pay to the Church of Greece’s payroll fund the amounts which will be paid out through the Single Payment Authority for the same number of clerics as there are today” he explained.

Referring to the changes in the school books of Greece and North Macedonia, Gavroglou noted that they will relate to historic, archaeological and educational issues under the angle of abolishing irredentist references but also mistakes on science issues, as is dictated by the Prespes Agreement. These references will not exist in any book as of next year.

On Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras‘ recent visit to Turkey and his visits to Hagia Sophia and to the Theological School of Halki, Gavroglou referred to “strong symbolism” and to clear messages for the principles of political equality and religious freedom.

Source ANA-MPA
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