Political uncertainty hurting economy, ND chief warns

The drawn-out campaign period is harming the country’s fragile economy by sending mixed signals to foreign and local investors, Greece’s opposition leader has warned.

In an interview with Germany’s Muenchner Merkur newspaper on Saturday, Kyriakos Mitsotakis said that unlike other EU countries that entered bailout programs like Portugal and Cyprus, Greece did not manage to achieve high growth rates or restore market access.

“Although the country is still in crisis, it could quickly come out of it by implementing the required reforms,” the conservative leader said, laying out his party’s fiscal policy.

Mitsotakis repeated calls for a “fair deal” with Athens’s EU partners on reducing Greek primary budget surplus targets, saying that if he is elected prime minister he will “use the fiscal space to reduce taxes that burden citizens and businesses so as to boost growth and improve the investment climate.”

Asked about the Prespes name accord, Mitsotakis described it as a “bad deal.”

“Seventy percent of the population were and still are totally opposed to the agreement negotiated by [Prime Minister Alexis] Tsipras,” he said.

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