KINAL leader Gennimata meets with SPD leader Nahles in Berlin

Movement for Change (KINAL) leader Fofi Gennimata met on Thursday with the president of Germany’s SPD party Andrea Nahles in Berlin.

After the meeting, Gennimata stated that her discussion with Nahles was on “the course of Europe and the positions of the European Socialists, as it is now time for us Social-Democrats, at the European elections, to promote radical and effective solutions to counter constant austerity and the conservative policies. The progressive agenda expressed with the candidancy of Frans Timmermans and must be visible to our peoples. We must shut the door to the extreme right and the nationalists,” she said.

According to KINAL sources, Nahles briefed Gennimata on the SPD’s proposals on the minimum wage and pensions, as well as on the proposal for the establishment of an insurance fund that will grant unemployment benefits from the EU funds to all the unemployed in EU member-states.

They also agreed, ahead of the European elections, that the social agenda should be the focus of the Euro-socialists against the conservative austerity policies.

According to the same sources, Nahles referred to the strengthening of the relations between SPD and KINAL, stating her will, ahead of the national elections, to contribute in any possible way.

Source ANA-MPA
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